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Protect your Ute Tray with Dominator

The ultimate ute tray liner protection

If you’re after the ultimate ute tray liner protection, Dominator is as tough as it is durable. 


Made using high quality urethane resin technology, the textured finish disguises minor surface damage, is UV resistant to chalking and comes with a full warranty. Another benefit of Dominator is the superior protection against sun and water damage which if you are regularly driving in and around Cairns, is a huge benefit. Our weather can be harsh, and this can reduce the longevity of standard vehicle finishes.


Dominator isn’t just for trays, having been used extensively in the mining industry. You can apply it to practically any vehicle, on any panel.

Colour Match Services

As with the DeBeer paints we use, we can colour match Dominator to your vehicle or if you prefer, help you choose something entirely different that really stands out. Choose from traditional jet black or a striking contrast colour.

At East Coast Paint and Panel, we are an authorised Dominator dealer, so if you’re considering this for your vehicle, get in touch today and we can tell you more.

From your standard black tray lining to a complete respray, the before and after pictures speak for themselves.






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