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Paint is our Passion

Did you know that it can take more than a dozen colours to mix a vehicle’s paintwork? Or, that there are certain ingredients we include to achieve a metallic finish? And contrary to popular belief, there are way more than 50 shades of grey!

We are passionate about paint and know that there is a vast difference between the red on a Nissan compared to the red on a Mitsubishi. This is why our highly trained staff use a spectrophotometer, a clever device which measures colour and gives us the exact formula required to mix the perfect match for your vehicle.

Protection from the Elements

Paint isn’t just for decorative purposes though – it also protects against our harsh Cairns tropical environment. If you’ve noticed peeling, that’s the clear coat layer which goes on after the paint.


Peeling occurs mainly on areas such as the bonnet, boot and roof which are most exposed to the sun and unless it’s garaged permanently, your vehicle’s paintwork will be damaged from the weather, bats and shopping trolleys at some point during its life.


Whether you’ve been in an accident or your car, bike or truck has just suffered from paint defects due to the wear and tear that comes with age, we can help give it a new lease of life.


As you would expect, at East Coast Paint and Panel, we only use the highest quality paints from DeBeer. This, combined with our paint matching systems, helps achieve optimum colour fidelity.


We use infrared curing systems for faster drying times meaning your vehicle will be ready sooner.


By working with technology and keeping up to date with new products available, we can achieve the best finish possible for our clients.


Our low bake, full down draft spray booth also enables us to be confident in the work that we do. Each step of the paintwork journey is important, from the preparation to the final result.

Decorative Finishes and Resprays

We love getting creative with paint scalloping work on motorcycle tanks as well as other designs on specialist vehicles.


Trusting someone with your pride and joy can be nerve wracking, but we’re fortunate to have helped numerous proud owners over the years with their vehicles to keep the cars, bike and trucks on the road, looking their best.


Bare metal resprays and other large projects are a passion of ours and to ensure we get the best result, we will only work on one or two of these at a time as they require a lot of patience and attention to detail.


We’ll even give you after-care paint advice to help you get the most out of your new paint job.


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